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Principal's Page

Dr. Tamanaha was born in South Korea and lived on a farm before moving to Los Angeles when she was seven years old. Being the only child of immigrant parents who had less than a sixth grade education, and who did not speak English, she would describe herself as an at-risk learner. She firmly believed that if it were not for a few key educators, her life might have taken a different trajectory. That is why she decided to pursue a career in education where she can now also positively affect the lives of others. Dr. Tamanaha began her journey in the field of education in 2006. She holds a degree in English and a teaching credential from California State University Long Beach. Her love for learning carried her to Cal Poly Pomona for a Master of Education degree, and then finally to the University of Southern California, where she completed her doctoral studies in 2014. This is her 3rd year as the Principal. In addition to her love for education, Dr. Tamanaha enjoys reading, traveling, and exploring amazing places to eat with her family and friends. Nowadays, she and her husband spend most of their time chasing around their six year-old son Zachary and 3 year-old twins Charlotte and Olivia.